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This course provides interactive workshops delivered by experts in how students can look after their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. The course can be divided into three general areas. The three areas are as follows

1.    Look after yourself: This includes sleep, diet, exercise & digital awareness.

2.    Know yourself: Through meditation, breathing exercises and being in nature we connect more deeply to ourselves.

3.    Behave Yourself: By telling the truth, developing competence & a growth mindset and applying compassion we can reach our potential.

The course is delivered by various speakers including:

TEDx speakers




We have adapted the classroom methodologies which have been developed over the past year and a half to fit the current situation, and we will draw on many of the existing technologies to keep collaboration & teamwork maximised. What this means in practice is that students will still work in teams, using their normal social media channels (i.e. Whatsapp etc.), and the handouts can be filled in at home and submitted to the teacher using the usual channel (i.e. Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams etc.). The week-long project at the end of the course is seen as very important and so this will be included.